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Fleet management software

Functionality of SmartFleet

SmartFleet system is the web-based solution for the fleet management business processes automation.
It ensures efficient management of all fleet operations and solves the following main tasks: automation, planning and tracking of fleet management operations, organizational management and monitoring of repair works, full fleet insurance, POL cost tracking, fuel companies' data processing, waybill-based fuel write-off, fleet analysis and customized vehicle selection to reduce costs and improve the company's business processes, monitoring the number and condition of tires and spare parts in a warehouse, planning and allocation of fleet operating and maintenance costs, operational and management reporting on all fleet management aspects scaled by a vehicle, department, cost center, etc.

Software modules
Park the vehicle and drivers
SmartFleet performs the following operations

  • hierarchy of the company's departments
  • maintaining of a single information directory of contractors and private persons
  • recording of drivers data
  • storage of scanned copies of documents
  • registration and tracking of all vehicle purchase contracts
  • vehicles registration/reregistration/deregistration with printing of all form-sheets
  • vehicles relocation between the company's subdivisions
  • information database for each vehicle (vehicle details, registration data, allocation, geographical region of use, purpose, limits, runs, insurance data, etc.)
Requests for service & maintenance
SmartFleet provides automation of the following service management operations:

  • reception of service requests by a service manager
  • operations troubleshooting and tracing
  • selection of contractors and spare parts suppliers
  • service requests status monitoring
  • reporting on staff workload

Incoming invoices from service stations and internal job tickets
The software enables the following:

  • monitoring of cooperation with external and/or internal service providers n Input of data on purchased goods and services into the system
  • automated notification of service managers on invoices payment by the accounting department
  • control over the collection of all necessary accounting documents
Fuel tracking
The module solves the following fuel purchase and consumption tasks for the company's fleet:

  • fuel cards tracking
  • refills tracking (fuel cards checks)
  • waybills and fuel write-off acts tracking
  • fuel remainder calculation
  • fuel consumption control
  • data import from fuel companies reports
Tires and spare parts warehouse

The module is designed to solve the following tasks of tires tracking:

  • vehicle-based tracking of tires
  • positioning tracking
  • management of seasonal tire change process
  • tires condition control
  • tracking of seasonal tire changes
Integration with accounting software
SmartFleet has the following functions:

  • monitoring of incoming invoices from suppliers in all areas of business activities (vehicle purchase, insurance, registration and other payments)
  • acquisition of payment data from accounting software
  • uploading of other necessary data to accounting software
Insurance and insurance cases
The main objectives of insurance:

  • keeping of a database of insurance cases for each company's vehicle
  • insurance cases tracking
  • fleet unprofitability analysis
  • fleet reassessment
Document management systems
The modules are designed for servicing workflow

  • user rights system
  • system of documents status
  • storage of scanned copies of documents
  • notification system
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